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Benefits of Swiss Industrial Doors Services
  • Service from the specialist
  • Faire prices as well as for spare parts
  • Service as well on out branded products
  • Guarantee on all works
  • Guarantee-extension with Service-agreement
  • Value increasing of your products


Service / Maintenance

The service is a very important component for a trouble-free operation. Logistics facilities such as doors or docking facilities are equipped with
mechanical and electrical functions in order to guarantee the daily function service and maintenance is essential and a must. It is recommended that minimum once a year to perform a service. You will also have a higher value on your equipment as well as it will increase the lifetime automatically. An emergency repair is always more expensive and complex than a maintenance.


It is possible to replace existing logistics components in general, as example on a leveller can changed the hydraulic unit completely including the command control unit. The costs for such a renewing are still much lower as replace of the complete unit. With such a renewal, the plant can be operated again for several years without any problems.

Service / Repair and maintenance of other brand products

The Swiss Industrial offers all of its services also to third-party products.The spare parts are used from free trade suppliers which contest the highest
demands and standards. The advantage of this strategy is that the prices of spare parts are up to 70 % cheaper than from the manufacturer, although it
is the same product. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Best Service of Swiss Industrial Doors with fair prices!