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Service and Maintenance

Benefits of Swiss Industrial Doors Services
  • Service from the specialist
  • Faire prices as well as for spare parts
  • Service as well on out branded products
  • Guarantee on all works
  • Guarantee-extension with Service-agreement
  • Value increasing of your products

Service Description for Doors

What Work Basic Standard Comfort Complete
Technical plate -Mounting X X X X
Caption -Readability X X X X
Door leaf -State -Damage X X X X
Roll, roll switch, medium / end hinges and Center bearing -State -Lubricate -Mounting -Function X X X X
Guide rails -State -Lubricate -Mounting X X X X
Roller warehouse, shipping binding straps, lintel sealing (Roller Shutters) -State -Damage -Function X X X X
Hoisting ropes right and left rope Mounting, spring retainer, springleg, hand bars, rubber lip and lintel sealing -State -Damage -Function X X X X
Doors closed -Test on all sides -Leakage -Adjust the shock absorber X X X
Balance or Torsion springs -State -Function -ev. spanning X X X X
Pass door -Damage -Function X X X X
Safety devices -Functional testing X X X X
-Manual override -Functional testing X X X X
Limit switch setting -Check and adjust X X X X
Motor brake -Check and adjust X X X X
Safety bar -Set test may be X X X X
Electric control system -Functional testing -Pipes connections X X X X
Drive mounting -Check X X X X
If drive chain available -Chain tension -Grease chains X X X X
Technical documents -State -Complete X X X X
Inspection report -Create X X X X
Offer -Free of charge for elimination of defects X X X X
Response time -Guaranteed 3 working days 2 working days 1 working day
Priority -At fault 3. 2. 1.
Discount -Spare parts 5% 10% After agreement
Lubricants and oils -free replacement X X X
Technical support -by phone X X X
Extend warranty -Period of 6 months after commisioning and acceptence 1 Year 2 Year After agreement
Replacement part type -Guaranteed availability X X
Emergency service -Without emergency package X X