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Roller Shutters

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Roller Shutters

There are different versions and models of roller shutters. Simply blade and double blade. The double blade version can be with or without insulation.

In the single blades, the main criterion is to close an opening without giving attention to the insulation. The shutter curtain will thus also in the open position up less space. In addition, the gate is easier thus also a smaller drive will suffice.The biggest disadvantage is that the insulation is low to non-existent.

Double blades are primarily used with the ISO version for use. This is the isolation factor is at the forefront priority to equal this variant also affects noise-dampening.

The roller shutter can be made as desired in RAL colours or anodized.

Roller grilles

In the same principle, there are also roller grilles. There are various types in the lattice pattern. The rolling grilles can be made as desired in RAL colours or with anodized finish.

Side doors

It can be used to roller shutters and rolling grilles, side doors are ordered to do so. The outlook of the doors is similar to the roller shutters respectively to rolling grills.