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Besides a good door shelter, it also belongs to the area of the loading, that their goods can be loaded and unloaded easily and safely. One obstacle for this is the difference in height between vehicle and loading ramp. Thus, this can be compensated, there are several innovative dock levellers of Swiss Industrial Doors. A dock leveller is a construction that is built onto the loading ramp of the truck, bridging the gap between the vehicles and loading ramp. Loading bridges to docks are the most important prerequisite for a smooth working process in the everyday life of the storage.

It will depend on the mobile front of the dock leveller different varieties differed dock levellers: hinged
lip bridges are suitable due to their high capacity particularly for discharges with a forklift, a hinged
bridge distinguishes their easy handling and extension bridges are considered to be particularly robust.
For individual advice and answers on loading equipment and loading bridges, our team of experts stays your disposal.