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Fast Acting Doors


High-speed doors can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The selection of options is large. The PVC flexible doors are particularly suitable for indoor use. The opening speed is 2m/seconds, which means that the door opens within a second.Depending on the requirements and door, the door blade can be prepared with fields of view. The fields of vision offer a higher level of security, because there is visibility during the fast traffic.

There are two variants of openings, horizontally and vertically, this all depends on the needs of the customer.

The doors have high security, in an accident, the door leaf unlatches automatically. After a hit on the leaf, it hooks up again automatically. It is kind of self- repairing.

High-speed doors can be equipped with a battery backup, for example, event of a power failure, the door can opened in an emergency case. The same applies in case of fire outbreak.

In addition to the PVC – performing types also exist in the construction of a sectional or rolling door.

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