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We offer wide range of accessories. From a security wheel wedge over parking aids in different variations such as Traffic control, mechanical guide, shunting sensors, etc. corner and gap seals are just as important as ramp lighting. In addition, the docking buffers are an important part of a docking system.

Buffers are one of the most important components in the loading, because Buffers can avoid both damage to the truck and the building. Buffers act shock- absorbing and thus contribute significantly to cargo security. The loading equipment Buffers have two functions: they serve as collision and impact
protection as well.

For more information on the whole range of accessories, you can contact us so that our specialists
can put together a tailor-made to your needs docking system.


The NovoSlider Nytrex combines the excellent properties of the material with a long spring travel and thus comes to the ideal image of a very close approach buffer. The steel body is galvanized and is permanently
protected against rust. The floating Nytrex material can spring secured due to the slight rubber mat up to 25mm and can follow the vertical movements of the truck.


– High-performance plastic, bright yellow

– Height adjustable Front part

– Suspension travel 25 mm

– Holds 7x longer as Rubber

– Suitable for high frequency loading

NovoSlider Finishing’s (mm)

500 x 280 x 100

500 x 280 x 140